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Bug Spray to Bath Salts

From Maine to Haiti...  and everywhere in between, customers have discovered that Don't Bug Me! natural insect repellent works against mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting critters...

bug_spray.jpg Don't Bug Me! Natural Insect Repellent $12.95

Six bug repelling essential oils in skin softening jojoba oil. Unlike so many 'natural products' that are inferior in application, this really works! Glenn's a mosquito magnet and can't sit outside without his Don't Bug Me! Also effective against no see-ems, deer flies, green flies, and the dreaded black flies. Customers from Maine's North Woods to Haiti and Honduras love our spray. The jojoba carrier oil is simply the best oil you can put on your skin. Non-greasy but for skin only. 4 oz pump spray. No DEET.

Bath Salts -- Lavender

salts.jpg Treat yourself to a relaxing night. Fill the tub, light a few beeswax candles, and add some lavender bath salts from Three Sisters Farms. Our own blend of Dead Sea natural salts, jojoba, vitamin E, and lavender essential oil from France. 9 oz.
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