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Raw Honey

You're about to try the best tasting 'Bordeaux of Honeys!" The bees visit a wide variety of flowers in the lower Connecticut River valley to produce the most flavorful honey you'll ever have. Harvested and bottled raw (no heat treatment) to capture the full flavor of the region.

honey16_web.jpg Honey - 1 lb. Raw $12.95

All natural, raw Connecticut wildflower honey produced from apiaries on the lower Connecticut River Valley. Seasonally harvested, the honey ranges from light with a hint of berry in midsummer to dark and full-flavored in the fall. Color variation due to different flowers and nectars throughout the season. Black locust and clover, among others, are collected early by the bees; whereas Fall brings the robust amber honey from golden rod and japanese knotweed. Amazing!

honeys_WEB.jpg Honey - 1/2 lb. Raw $6.95

Flavorful raw and natural wildflower honey, produced from apiaries in the Connecticut River Valley. Hives managed organically--means a purer honey and amazing taste. Seasonal blooms result in lighter honey harvested mid-summer, darker full-flavored amber honey in the fall. Color will vary with harvest and location of hives. Delicious!

Honey - 5 oz Gift Size
Volume Discount: For quantities of 12 or more, special price of $3.85 each.
Honey5oz.jpg Raw honey in a nice gift size. Hexagonal oval jar holds 5 oz honey (by weight). Perfect for wedding favors, housewarming gift, Rosh HaShana, or travel. Share the best! Volume Discount available for 15 or more. (contact us for pickup or shipping volume options)
honeys.jpg Honey - 5 lb. Raw $52.00

For the true honey lover we have the gynormous five pound jug. Packed in recyclable #2 plastic bottle. Perfect for the honey lover's office.

honey_lav_web.jpg Infused Lavender Honey - 1 lb. $12.95

All-natural raw wildflower honey with an infusion of lavender produces a lovely honey perfect in tea, on a buttered english muffin, or for use in your favorite recipe. Very popular and limited supply.

honey_lav_web.jpg Infused Lavender Honey - 1/2 lb. $7.25

Outrageously delicious honey infused with lavender gives honey a unique flavor. This 8 oz. size is a perfect way to try, and a great gift size. Try some drizzled over roasted chicken or a dollop of vanilla ice cream!


2017 Crop is in! Simply yummy, the bees have done it again!

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